Cavatz puppy for sale

Breed:Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies
Age:18 Months
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Updated on:3/16/2018
Contact Info
Name:Nina L.
Location:Lincoln, United Kingdom LN5 0RW
Number:01522 789191
Benni is a Cavatzu puppy that is looking for a forever home. Benni is 9 months old and due to no fault of his own is now looking for a new loving home. He has enjoyed the company of a fellow canine friend and enjoys a loving cuddle and is house trained. Benni has met young children and has enjoyed their visits but has not lived with children. Cavatzus are extremely intelligent dogs and a very playful and active breed that enjoy lots of attention. After a big play they will sleep well, this does not change as they reach adulthood. They are very loyal and make great companion dogs. Cavatzu puppies are friendly, affectionate and loving dogs. They are easily spoilt because of their big eyes, which they inherit from the King Charles. Most agree they have a cute face from puppyhood to adulthood. Here at Little Rascals we take great pride in being able to provide quality puppies for loving family homes. With years of experience as a licensed dog breeder, we are always available to give new and existing clients the support through our qualified staff. Benni is fully vaccinated, including receiving his Kennel Cough vaccination and is up to date with his flea and worm treatment. Benni is microchip and will be transferred to his new owner. We recommend our puppies to be fed of Royal Canin to ensure that their nutritional needs are the up most best that can be provided. Their current food and feeding guidelines will be explained for each individual puppy upon collection. Here at Little Rascals Pets Limited, our staff are available to support new owners with their puppy in making sure that your new puppy settles into their new home.