Malshi Puppies for sale

Breed:Maltese Puppies
Age:14 Months
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Updated on:6/4/2018
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Name:Bridgett D.
Location:Lincolnshire, United Kingdom LN5 0RW
We would like to announce the arrival of our litter of Malshi puppies and now available for viewing and their forever homes. Both parents are with us and available for viewing upon visiting our kennels. Malshis are a very cute little dogs that have inherited many of their parent breed’s charming looks and traits. Because most Malshis are first generation, puppies from the same litter can be very different both in looks and personality because it depends on whether they have taken after the Maltese or the Shih Tzu. However, they don’t usually have the short nose or the protruding eyes that are so typical of the Shih Tzu. They tend to form very strong bonds with their families which is very endearing. The Malshi thrives on human company and is never happier when they are with the people they love. They are the perfect choice for people who live in apartments and who lead quieter, more sedentary lives. They are also a good choice for first time owners because they are so affectionate, loyal and eager to please which means they learn new things very quickly. However, they need to be trained and handled like any other dog which means a Malshi should never be allowed to get away with too much or pampered because it could result in them becoming wilful and unruly. Malshi’s grow to be around 10 inches at the shoulder. Our Commitment Here at Little Rascals we work endlessly with our vet to make sure that all of our dogs have the best start in life. They are very much loved and our puppies leave with the following for their forever home Their first vaccinations come with signed vet card Wormed and Flea to date 4 weeks free Pet Insurance Puppy Training pad for the journey Puppy Pack containing food Micro Chip, which will be registered to you as the new owner whilst you are here We recommend our puppies to be fed of Royal Canin to ensure that their nutritional needs are the up most best that can be provided. Their current food and feeding guidelines will be explained for each individual puppy upon collection. Here at Little Rascals Pets Limited, our staff are available to support new owners with their puppy in making sure that your new puppy settles into their new home.