Adorable Healthy Purebred Rottweiler Puppies

Breed:Rottweiler Puppies
Age:12 Weeks
Updated on:2/10/2020
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Name:Paige J.
Location:, , ., United Kingdom
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hello there can you kindly Contact us now via email {{ }} These beautiful Rottweiler puppies are looking for people to love them, and their love will be returned in full to you, and more All puppies have deep mahogany markings on soft velvet wavy coats, making them sought after by Rottie enthusiasts and lovers of the breed. A wonderful addition to any loving and caring home Grandparents, mothers, father, aunts and uncles are all available for viewing. These parents have passed on their loving traits to their offspring. They are loyal, faithful and ideal family dogs, foremost protective of their territory and those they love. contact now for your little bundle of joy Currently I have litters with puppies available to go to their new homes. Puppies are normally ordered in advance but there are some bookings for puppies available. E-mail for details. Should you ring and not get answered, please leave a message with details to contact you as our reception is bad in our area. Text messages will not, NOT, be answered More photos of adults and previous puppies are available to viewed. Please email for further information about your future puppy..