SMILER Valglo stud carries 30 champions

Breed:Staffordshire Bull Terrier Studs
Age:7 Years
Stud Fee:£300
Updated on:7/14/2017
Contact Info
Owner:Bham Blue Staffs
Name:Tan M.
Location:Birmingham, United Kingdom b368hg
This unique valglo bred staffordshire bull terrier is available for stud. He has amazing pedigree and also carries a staggering 30 champions. He stands at 14 inches to the withers and is one of the shortest and stockiset blue stud dogs in the UK. He comes from some of the very best black and blue showlines the UK has to offer. He is CHAMPION sired by VALGLO JEFFS CHOICE and his grandfather is none other then the world famous CHAMPION VALGLO CASSANOVA AT CROSSGUNS who is breed record holder, winning 3 times. He has picture perfect looks with correct pigmentation. He has a huge defined bully head and a broad, short snout. He has dark brown eyes with a clean scissor bite. He has correct rose bud ears and is a very muscular dog. He has tight well padded paws and his tail resembles a old fashioned pump handle. He has a amazing temperament and is L-2HGA and HC- HSF4 hereditary clear. He is a proven stud dog and can offer superb pedigree and looks to any staffordshire bull terrier breeding. His services consists of two matings 48 hours apart. Please contact for any further info.