Breed:American Staffordshire Terrier Dogs
Age:5 Years
Updated on:4/28/2019
Contact Info
Owner:colby shelby
Name:colby s.
Location:Peterborough, United Kingdom pe3 8nd
American Bully XL King Kodiak daughter is now available to a pet home not suitable for breeding this is ideal for a family who do not want all the drama and heartache which comes with breeding- This amazing Bully is on point no doubt about it , will be sold only to the right ppl .not anyone ? this is the best of the best has to be someone who can appreciate this amazing Bully for wot she is - absolute quality passport and Abkc pedigree stating Pet only on certificate - would be a perfect addition to a house hold , she’s very loving and would like her to have the attention she deserves.pedigree is absolutely flawless ,the world famous King Kodiak’s. direct daughter - Showgun granddaughter,you won’t find a better female - no time wasters please genuine series inquiries only For this Designer ..Dog pictures and details on pedigree - O.I. this is not your average dog she’s a 1 off -updates requested 5 star homes only were she lives in the house make sure u have spoken to everyone regarding owning and buying this girl - don’t waste ur time as well as mine appreciated many thanks .plz bear in mind this is a very expensive dog with this pedigree do your research it cost more to have her shipped than her pet price . she’s priced low due to the fact she’s Pet Only. Retired Pet Price ..updates requested