Frequenty Asked Questions

  1. How do I Place an Ad?
    Using your username and password, login to our site.
    After logging in, click on the Place an Ad link.
    Choose the type of ad you would like to place (Puppies for Sale, Dogs for Sale, Stud Ad, etc)
    Fill out all required field, in addition click on the browse button if you would like to upload a photo.
    Finally, simply click on the submit button.
  2. How do I Close / Delete an Ad?
    Using your username and password, login to our site.
    After logging in, click on the ad you would like to close / delete.
    Finally, simply click on the delete button.
  3. How do I subscribe?
    Easy, just fill out the information on the account registration page to create your username and password.
    Once you filled out all required information simply login with your new username and password you created.
  4. Will I be reminded when it is time to renew?
    Yes, we will send you a reminder via email that your subscription is about to expire for membership that do not automatically recur.
    Keep in mind, the 30 day subscription will automatically renew every 30 days.
  5. What is my incentive of subscribing?
    Post an unlimited number of ads along with your contact information for Studs, Dogs, and Pups.
    Enjoy the benefit of having your ads be listed first on our searches above the ads of basic members
  6. How do I cancel? Is there a fee to cancel early?
    Cancelling a subscription only applies to advertisers with the 30 day periodic subscription. Cancellation can be done by clicking on My Profile and then clicking on the cancel subscription button. You may also cancel by contacting us at or by clicking on the contact us link below. For both cancellation methods, please keep your sent email for your records.
    There is no fee to cancel early and your membership will still be valid for the remaining period, however refunds are not available.
  7. How soon can I sell/buy K9's?
    You can start using our services once you become a member. Click here to Sign-Up
  8. Will K9Puppy take a portion of my sale when I sell or buy a K9?
    No, K9Puppy will not take a penny of any sales between members.
  9. Are there scammers on this web site, and should I be worried?
    Yes, there are scammers on every web site. Please beware of scammers, K9Puppy recommends to use your credit card through pay pal or an escrow service. Please feel free to report any member whom you may think is a scammer and we will investigate the situation.
    In addition, K9Puppy has a unique intelligence system that scans every message that is sent to determine whether the sender is a potential scammer, no other website has this system.
  10. What types of memberships do you offer as a Seller?
    30 Days - £4 (automatic billing every 30 days unless a cancellation request is submitted)
  11. What types of memberships do you offer as a Buyer?
    Lifetime Membership - £2
  12. What if my question is not on this page?
    Please contact us using the Contact Us link below and we will be glad to do our best to answer any question you may have.