Breed:Wolf Dog Puppies
Age:5 Years
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Updated on:1/18/2016
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Owner:A1 Wolfdogs
Name:Gary E.
Location:Bath, United Kingdom
Number:01225 859967
tom1231:i am not looking to buy but i saw this dog and i made an account just to comment what a beautiful dog haha
We are Happy to announce the Birth of Timber wolf Hybrid puppies for sale at 8 weeks of age. RARE the ONLY litter of its kind in the UK Timber wolf Hybrid Wolfdog puppies to responsible vetted homes only Puppies and parents can be viewed. We have over 30 years’ experience working and training of dogs especially larger breeds, new to the UK this very special mating of Seeka and Harley, will produce the only litter of its kind in the UK, From puppy to adult hood will demand a high input of understanding of what is required of a high content wolfdog. We are a hobby breeder, breeding only a few litters of these special rare wolfdogs, Being non-commercial naturally we believe in quality over quantity, producing that very special near to the wild addition into your home, being a small hobby breeder we take great pride in our breeding selection of hybrids to promote the passion of the wild side within our wolfdogs, {Always ask the breeder how many litters they have bred over the past 5-6 years , this will determine if they are a commercial breeder or a hobby breeder} with the compassion of understanding what our clients strive for in a real wolf looking canine. Here at A1wolfdogs we pride ourselves breeding genuine rare wolfdog hybrids. {Please when looking to purchase a pedigree registered wolfdog always ask for a copy of a 5 generation pedigree certificate, always take a close look for any inbreeding {line breeding} this can be a reason why a certain breed has not been bred in the UK over the last 5 years, line breeding/inbreeding of dogs can cause all kinds of health issues}. The Legal wolf content is max 12.5 percent, third generation from a real wolf, An F3 which is now legal to own without any License here in the UK, Potential owners are more than welcome to spend that important part of the puppies life in meeting their new Companion, or let the puppy choose you , all our puppies stay at our home for that very special socialising period that all young pups depend on , { caution ~ other breeders will foster out puppies for socialization loosing that special bond needed from their mothers} we know that all input to our wolfdogs are catered for from the first stage of pregnancy of the mother to birth of her pups, which is paramount in the puppies development. Spend a few hours getting to know Kody our Timber wolf Hybrid, she has impeccable manners and a must see wolfdog, all our puppies are Mircrochipped, Wormed to date Vet health checked, Contract for a pet only {£2000} Breeder price from {£3000} home unless otherwise agreed. For more info on this wonderful new to the UK Wolf/Dog please tel…………