Breed:Alaskan Malamute Studs
Age:15 Years
Stud Fee:£400
Updated on:11/7/2011
Contact Info
Owner:Catherine Shipham
Name:Catherine S.
Location:Durham, United Kingdom DH1 5SD
Lewykathleen:TOTALLY recommend this impressive dog. We used him in and had an amazing healthy litter of chunky beautiful pups. He is well natured, loving and very well behaved when with the bitch. His owners are extremely friendly and offer a lifetime of help and advice.
An exceptional Malamute with a great temperment. Very well trained and super friendly. V. fit and healthy with strong heart from river swimming. Great in a harness. Excellent low hip score and eyes checked with no problems. Champion bloodlines in pedigree. A proven and popular sire. We have 3 mals and socialise with other breeders, I believe and they agree that Nanuck is one of the best example of this breed seen. Can accomodate bitch here as big outdoor set up, but Nanuck does enjoy a holiday also. 5 generation pedigree available. KC Registered.