Breed:Dogue De Bordeaux Studs
Age:7 Years
Stud Fee:Pick of the Litter
Updated on:10/7/2014
Contact Info
Name:jonpaul m.
Location:London, United Kingdom se7 7ad
Sophie Washbourn:Hi, Are you looking to Breed with a Full KC Registered Bordeaux Female? thanks, Sophie
Jonpaul:Not sure what you mean by persistant, but he seems to be very interested in girls these days. can be embarrassing when his trying his moves on the tiny little dogs he has always loved small dogs so guessing the timing is good. we had a female interested and Zeus wanted to know but the bitch was too young so i had to turn her down, she was only a year old.
icemank9:Nice looking stud dog, is he persistent?
I have a stunning dogue de bordeaux, he is a real charmer and great with all dogs. his father was huge and from great lines and his mother was just stunning and i was lucky enough to get the pick of the litter with Zeus. I lost my female earlier this year and now Zeus really needs a companion to play with so hoping to find a beautiful girl to breed with and I would like to have pick of the litter, I dont want 2 alpha males so a bitch puppy is what im looking for.