Breed:German Shepherd Studs
Age:14 Years
Stud Fee:£300
Updated on:10/27/2014
Contact Info
Owner:susannahs shepherds
Name:susannah s.
Location:Tyne Wear, United Kingdom ne8 3ls
Number:01914775137 anytime tyne wear
hi, ive a long haired, straight backed well proven,german shepherd at stud this dog is not for sale he is k.c. reg and is hip scored, his hips in total are 13, he is eye tested hemophilia clear he is stud for the stud for northrivers, I am recommended by the k.c. im an assured breeder, , his ladys rebook, I two tie so no eggs are missed, and if your local I can bring him to you, I also consider pick of the litter,if you dont have the money available at the time of mate, he has medium to large litters, his pups are always big and chunky, im an assured breeder with the k.c. they recommend me as a breeder, ,if advice is needed I will assist you, thanks for reading sue, I cant take a decent photo, but some are below , he is hemophillia clear and eye tested