Ch sandastaff piro at bullscaff

Breed:Staffordshire Bull Terrier Studs
Age:6 Years
Stud Fee:£600
Updated on:3/30/2019
Contact Info
Name:Terry C.
Location:Kent, United Kingdom Me7 3en
The home of the Only Blue Champion in the UK - BULLSCAFF are proud to announce CH SANDASTAFF PIRO the ULTIMATE FIRST ever BLUE CHAMPION Staffordshire Bull Terrier in the UK - IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR STUD. UK KC Registered - J Ch Lithuania - Ch Polish - Ch Lithuania. Fully Health tested L2HGA - HC clear with all vaccinations, boosters, worming and fleaing kept up to date on a regular basis. SANDASTAFF PIRO is the Only Blue Stafford in the UK to Hold an OUTSTANDING 41 Champions in his 5 Generation Pedigree - this alone enables him to pass on a STAGGERING 22 Champions to his puppies - which again is MORE than any other Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier in the UK and possibly more than most Staffordshire Bull Terrier litters out there at the moment that include BOTH Combined parents pedigrees 😏 Coming from the very Best BLACK Show Lines Europe has to offer such as - CH Stormball Solo / CH Tornadostorm the Legacy - Sandastaff Piro’s breeding and lines are Second to none - he has not been bred Blue on Blue like most of them out there resulting in poor pigmentation as both his MUM and DAD are BLACK which goes on to show the true outstanding show quality of him being a Champion himself and a Champion sired. PIRO Stands in at 15 inches and being a SOLID Dark Blue with ZERO White ZERO Brindle - he is one of the most Stunning looking deep chested, stocky thick bone structured boys you are likley to find, with a Spectacular defined bully head, chiselled looks and short muzzle he has the perfect scissor bite, excellent top line and perfectly formed rosebud ears with each and every nail on him being Jet black, perhaps most important of all he has the Desired DARK Brown Eyes too - What more could you ask for, you will struggle to find another Blue SBT Stud dog out there to carry all of these qualities πŸ€“ YOU WILL NOT FIND A BETTER EXAMPLE OF THIS BREED IN THE UK PIRO not only has the Correct pigmentation and looks - he has the Pedigree to match which can be easily accessed through the SBT Pedigree website by simply typing in Sandastaff Piro at Sama Slodycz. - THERE IS NOTHING THIS BOY LACKS - FACT - He is the FIRST and the ONLY BLUE CHAMPION SBT IN THE UK - You will not find a Better true to Standard Show Quality Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier as PIRO will outmatch any other BLUE Staffordshire Bull Terrier Stud Dog in the Country both in pedigree and quality... Piro will be a much loved socialised family member living and sleeping inside our family Home - not just a dog brought to be kept outside in a kennel like a majority of the unfortunate stud dogs out there. β˜€ NOW THE NITTY GRITTY BIT β˜€ Should you wish to proceed and use this amazing boy there is a required Documented Kennel Club Stud Contract to be filled out by both parties - which can be easily accessed through the Kennel Club website. On first enquiry we will politely ask for your intended girls full Kennel Club name to help enable us check through her pedigree before proceeding towards the next steps of the mating - Please dont be offended by this as we only have the breeds best interest at Heart β™₯ On your arrival of the day of the mating we will then, both together sign the contract stating that the female brought by yourself is the same female as before mentioned to be mated to our boy Sandastaff Piro before any mating takes place. We will also offer you Full Support throughout your girls pregnancy and your rearing of the pups, which will Include in the unfortunate event, any rehoming as we now have a growing extensive list of people wanting to purchase Piros offspring throughout the UK, across Europe and around the world... Which leads me to say that the litters Piro now sires are second to none - Producing the Best of the Best as can be seen within our pictures - Some of which are regularly being shown throughout Europe as in his pictured 11 month old Show winning son - no other Blue Studs offspring can attribute to this, once again showing the true to type class and quality Piro can achieve. We will of course continue to show Piro throughout the UK - in a continuation of his Legacy across Europe to prove that PIRO really is the Best of the Best Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier Stud dog out there. - we will be on hand β€ͺ24/7‬ for all your needs - We also Ship semen Worldwide and have already had enquires from as far as Australia, Argentina and the USA πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ Overseas Customers please contact us for further information and prices. BULLSCAFF once again proudly announce that we can offer you - SANDASTAFF PIRO AT STUD - in terms of helping with our quest to raise back the bars of true to type quality in the SBTs throughout the UK. - WE OFFER 2 MATINGS 48 HOURS A PART - β˜€ NOW FOR THE FINANCE BIT β˜€ The Stud fee is Β£600 - we can offer you the choice of a Β£300 payment when the first mating tie takes place then a further Β£300 payable when the puppies are born - if you choose this option, this will be set out and agreed for us both to sign as an addition to the above mentioned contract. PLEASE NOTE - No more than 2 adults are to come to any one mating. FOR SECURITY REASONS - Our property is fully alarmed and covered by external and internal CCTV with a controlled panic button to ensure Piro, the breeds and other family members safety. Thank you for your time in reading 😊😊😊